School Cleaning Service

School Cleaning Service

Baby & Toddler Accessory Cleaning Service

Your baby and toddler accessories can become a health hazard to your little ones, so it is important to keep your baby and toddler environment sanitary. Babies & toddlers mess crumbs, saliva, they mess their bottles and food which attract dirt and bacteria. We can help by offering professional deep cleaning of your baby and toddler car seats, prams and cot mattresses.

At Indocom Cleaning Services, we offer schools a service that they can offer to their parents, so their babies and toddlers have a clean hygienic environment.  

School Anti-Virus Cleaning Service

When you operate a school, you are not just responsible for your students’ education you are also responsible for their safety. School cleaning is an essential part of the process. Cleaning your school protects your students from dangerous bacteria and viruses. Indocom Cleaning Services offers a cleaning solution that will help keep your school clean and healthy. 

We are School Cleaning Specialists. To achieve a complex clean for your school, you need a team that understands your school’s specific cleaning needs. Indocom Cleaning Services will keep your classrooms, floors, passageways and bathrooms clean. 

At Indocom we respect the environment by using eco-friendly products in our schools.

Our school cleaning services will help you stay compliant with all regulations and standards required.